Building Details

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When you have added a new building to your site you will now see all of the details including Floors and Invididual rooms and locations.

  1. Delete - Depending on the restrictions enabled by the integrator you may not see this.

  2. Modify - To change the building name click on modify

  3. Floor Search - Search through the floors easily with the search bar

  4. Add new Floor - To add a new floor click on the "+" button. this will bring up a modal box to add a new floor. You can also add a floor-plan on to this section.

  5. Floor Details - Click on a floor to view all the rooms located on that floor.

  6. Rooms Search - If you have multiple rooms listed you can search for a specific room in the search bar

  7. Add New Room - click on the "+" button to add a new room, select floor and add room name and click on 'Save"

  8. Room Details - click on the room to see a full list of products in the room.