Child Customers

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Child Customers are customers of your establishment. For example a local council may have schools or coucil offices listed a child customer. This means that can operate independantly of the parent company but the parent company can still view details of any proejcts and asset management of all kit installed within them.

In order to view any child customers click on “Sites” and then “Child Customers”

When you have clicked on the child customer you will see the following child customer dashboard:

  1. Child Customer Name - The main title box displays the child customers name and the parent company in brackets. To go back to the main page click on the back button.

  2. Parent Company - Displays the parent company name.

  3. Main Company info - Lists the child company primary details including address, phone number and account manger.

  4. User Details - List of all users who have access to portal from the child company.

  5. Sites - List of all the sites from the child customer.

  6. Projects - Lists all projects both live and archived.

  7. Helpdesk - Lists all helpdesk requests. 

  8. Products - Lists all products including locations 

  9. Child Customers - Lists all any child companies the child company has.