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To access the products during a live project click on projects and then click on the project in question. Depending on the stage in the installation the project will be located in one of three stages, Quote, Installation or Sign-Off. When you click on a project the product module section will be located under the location module as seen below.

on the main dashboard for the product all products are listed in the product section, this section contains  the products for each and every room. If you want to narrow the products down based on their individual rooms click on the location and you will only see the products for this particular room 

  1. Total Number - Total number of products

  2. Hide - click on the hide button to remove the panel on the left to make more room for the products. 

  3. Actions - Export list of product as a CSV, PDF and XLSX 

  4. Products - To view more details, click on an individual product to open up more details on that product.

  5. Expand - Expand the products module to full screen. 

  6. Product Search - the date the project was converted from a qute stage project to an installation and also the name of the user that converted it.

  7. Data Points - in the example above we are in the quote stage and this means the data has not been collected, but we can see what data needs to be collected by the three dots, if the product has a cross this means the data will not be collected.

  8. Columns view - If you want to see more details on a product we can toggle the column views to include the following, to add a new column to the products, clik on it so the tick is visible

  9. Location - Location of the product in the installation.