Product Details

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To see more details on a particular product, click on it, this can be during a live project or in the asset section in the sites view. click on the product to see the below:

  1. Back Button - click to go back to the main products list

  2. Testing - View the testing carried out during the sign off stage. 

  3. QR Code - Print out a QR code of the product

  4. Location - Current location of the product

  5. PDF Guides - The integrator can add PDF brochures to each product installed, if this has not been done for whatever reason you can upload by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

  6. Image - You can add your own image of the product in situ.

  7. Scheduled Delivery - Date the product was originally scheduled to be delivered to the customers' site - See Proof of delivery for more information.

  8. Testing Form - the testing form used for the sign off

  9. Warranty - warranty remaining on product