Testing Forms

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During the sign off process for products, testing forms can be assigned that need to be filled in by the commissioning engineer before a project can be signed off. in order to see the testing form you need to click on the product in question to bring up the product details page, From this page we can see a testing button in the top bar next to Product Details click on this to open the product testing.

  1. Testing Button - From the product details panel, if. a product has had a testing form attached, you will see an additional button here. Not all products will have testing forms attached to them. 

  2. Form Name - Name of the testing form

  3. Signed Off - Name of the user who signed the product off including date and time of when the product was signed off. 

  4. Image and Video - Depending on the product type or the request from the customer, some products can have images and videos attached to show the product is working as expected. 

  5. PDF Guides - The integrator can add PDF brochures to each product installed, if this has not been done for whatever reason you can upload by clicking on the corresponding buttons.