Location Module

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The location module maps out all of the rooms you are having products insalled, to go into detail on each invidual room you will need to click on the room to open the location information.

  1. Export - export a CSV of all rooms that are being installed into.

  2. Expand - Expand the location module, this feature is great if you have a lot of locations.

  3. Draggable Locations - if you are installing products in a specific order you can move the locations to match this order.

  4. Filters - Filter your locations to include rooms that are: Signed off, not signed off, out of scope (show items that was not included on the orginal PO) and stared items.

  5. Location Info - to go into the location click on the room name to open up more details.

When you click on a location you will open up a more detailed page containing informtion on what will be happening in a particular room. this page will look like this:

  1. Notes Section - The notes section contain any informtion that has been collected whilst on the site survey.

  2. Images - The image section contain any images that have been uploaded from the site survey or during the sign off procudure. If you click on the image you can see any notes that have been added to the image.

  3. Prodcuts Actions - If you click on Actions you can export a list of all products for a particular room as a CSV file

  4. Products Module - List of all products to be installed in this location.

  5. Product Search - Product Search, great if you have a lot of products.

  6. Data Points  - any data points that need collecting on a partuclar prodcut will be displayed here, these could be IP addreses, Mac Addresses etc.

  7. Product Details - For more details on a product, click on the actual product to display activity, serice info and raise helpdesk tickets when the project is signed off.

  8. Calendar Module - For more information on the calendar Module please click here