Calendar Module

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The calendar module will display any and all activities to include engineer visits, deliveries, site survey and when the project was signed off.

  1. Date Toggle - Toggle between month view, day view and agenda view

  2. Filters - Filter to view site survey, Signed Off and Manual Booking Entries

  3. Provisional Bookings - Integrators can request a calendar booking to go in as a provisional in order for the booking to become a confirmed booking the customer (you) will need to click on Confirm booking in the email notification.

  4. Site Survey - Site Survey calendar entry

  5. Sign Off - sign off booking entry

  6. Project Booking entry - the main installation booking will go in as a green entry. The little red dot in thebottom corner signifies that the booking is still a provisonal booking. The red circle with a number means that notes have been added to the booking.

When you click on a calendar entry you will see a pop up box with more details on the calendar booking

  1. Engineers - List of engineers who will be attending site

  2. Booking Details - Details on the booking including date, times, description of works and address

  3. Booking Type - Provisonal or confirmed, if a booking is down as confirmed this means you have accpted the booking or have confirmed over the phone that you are happy with the booking date.

  4. Booking Notes - Booking Notes are added for the engineers visiting site. these could be anything from parking instructions to contact details on site.