Project Overview

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To see the current list of live projects click on “Project” in the navigation colmn on the left. This will display the project overview page:

  1. List and archive - the list view will display a list of all the projects have currently. the archived will list all of the past projects that have been signed off.

  2. Search Bar - If you have many project live you can search a specific search term to reveal projects containing these words. 

  3. Quote Stage - any projects listed in the quote stage are projects that have not yet had a sales order raised to progress with the job.

  4. Project Details - Click on the project details page to view the specifics of the project

  5. Installation Stage - Any projects that have had a PO raised and will progress to the Installation stage.

  6. Sign-Off Stage - Any project that has been installed and awaiting sign-off from the customer will sit in the Sign-off stage.